Google Apps 4

Help with Google Apps email, calendars, and more.

Hosting - Getting Started 8

Helpful tips for getting your new Sixu Hosting up and running

Miscellaneous 8

Various Articles related to websites and hosting

Website Administration 6

Help and Video Tutorials on how to use the Sixu Website Administration

Website Hosting 9

Various articles to help you with your website hosting.

Most Popular Articles

 Cpanel Help

Your Sixu Hosting account comes with a hosting control panel or cpanel. This cpanel allows you to...

 Upload files with FTP

Now that you have a website hosting account with Sixu, you need to upload your website files to...

 Using SPF Records

The purpose of an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is to prevent spammers from sending...

 Flush your DNS

Most computers that are connected to the Internet do what is called DNS caching. This means that...

 Reset cPanel Password

You can reset your hosting cpanel password through our client portal. Just follow these steps:...

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