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By default, your website users the PHP version currently configured as default on the server. There may be a need for your to use a version of PHP other than the default version. For this reason we have multiple versions of PHP installed on each server and you can set your PHP Version by following the directions below:

The default behavior of your account is for PHP settings to be inherited by sub-directories. That means that you can quickly test your site's compatibility with a specific version of PHP by setting the PHP handler of your home directory (public_html). Then simply test your website by opening it in your browser. We have added an easy to use plugin to configure your PHP version to your cPanel, follow these steps to use it:
  1. Login to your cPanel at
  2. From the home page locate the "Advanced" box and click on "PHP Configuration."
  3. Select the desired version of PHP from the drop-down menu and leave the default directory, click "Update" to submit the changes.
  4. You should see a confirmation message that reads: The ".php" file extension will be processed by for this account.
You may now visit your website and check for any issues or visible errors. If your site functions normally it means your site is compatible with the version you selected and you will not need to perform any other steps from this point. Our servers are set to honor the handler settings you choose.

Please Note: Selecting "No Custom Handler (Sys Default)" means you're electing to utilize whichever version of PHP the server is set to use. Thusly, if your applications require a certain version of PHP, you will want to make sure to specifically select the needed version.

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